About Us

CarbonStockStudy.com is an initiative of collaborating academics at universities worldwide.

These academics do research and are concerned with environmental issues. As they published on these issues in academic journals, they missed the connection with real-life discussion on these matters in society. Although they have a wide knowledge on everyday issues, they did not participated in societal issues, discussions and problems. They felt outsiders on issues that are important to them. They were however certain that their contribution to social discussions were very important to reduce CO2 emissions, improve climate change, reduce pollution, etcetera.

CarbonStockStudy.com is therefor a way for academics in the field of climate change, pollution and CO2 reduction to share their knowledge with the world and to contribute to a better world, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations.

On this blog website, academics will regularly write about everyday issues, in which they will share their knowledge and research results. Our goal is to improve social discussions and share important research results with the public.

Feel free to contribute with your own blog.