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5 sustainable living tips to reduce CO2 emissions

Do you follow the climate debate? I’m sure you hear a lot about CO2, especially if you strive for a more sustainable living. Then follow our sustainable living tips! But what exactly is CO2 and why is it so bad? Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an important factor for enhancing the greenhouse effect. But could carbon dioxide also be used positively? If you choose to live sustainably, could carbon dioxide contribute to that? CO2 is a natural and invisible non-toxic gas. If you opt for a sustainable life, we will tell you 6 ways how in future enemy CO2 can be your friend.

What is CO2?What is co2?

CO2 is also called carbon dioxide. It is a gas that you cannot see nor smell. Carbon dioxide is the gas in a glass of soda. It naturally tastes a bit sour, which is why sugar is added in soft drinks. The gas CO2 was discovered in the early seventeenth century. When charcoal was burned, it was concluded that the remaining weight was reduced. The burnt part must therefore have turned into a gas. That gas was named CO2 or carbon dioxide.

Is carbon dioxide dangerous?

CO2 is an innocent gas that occurs in the atmosphere. It is one of the greenhouse gases around the earth that protect us and ensures that it is not freezing cold on earth. You can see these gases as a warm blanket around the earth. Many years ago, the amount of CO2 was almost constant. Of course, forest fires generated gasses. But just as much gas was absorbed by plants on land and by the sea. The gases around the earth remained the same and the blanket around the earth did not become thicker.

What happens today is that more gases are emitted than nature can absorb. The fossil fuels from earth are brought to the surface to be burned. We use the fossil fuels for our cars, for production processes in factories and much more. Gasoline, kerosene, gas and coal are the most famous fossil fuels. This disrupts the balance and the blanket around earth is getting thicker. There is no longer sufficient compensation. This ensures the greenhouse effect. The earth is warming up with all its consequences.

Sustainable living tips: Why should you live sustainably?

Our earth needs our help, because the balance is lost. Due to global warming, animal species are dying out, sea levels are rising, and nature is disappearing. We need trees to clear the air, but more and more forests are being cut down.

Sustainability and sustainable living are concepts that are often mentioned. These are not meaningless words. Sustainability is of vital importance. If we do not deal with the environment more consciously, we will not have a healthy living environment in the future. So we have to take action and respect mother earth. And that is where sustainability comes in. Every contribution to a better world helps to make nature healthier. So why should you live sustainably? Because we have to create a healthy world for future generations.

5 sustainable living tips: How can CO2 help us with a sustainable life?

The carbon dioxide gas is an elusive gas. The molecule consists of carbon and oxygen. By adding hydrogen, it is possible to make a hydrocarbon compound. It is a compound that also occurs in plastic and fuel. So with this science you could say that CO2 could be a raw material. Do you want to know how carbon dioxide can be used positively? We give you 5 sustainable living tips on how CO2 can contribute to a sustainable life.

Sustainable living tips #1. Live without a car

Cars are an important contributor to climate change. We use the car for everything. Thereby we are literally riding the number 2 polluter on earth (after the airplane). Leave this devilish vehicle and choose alternative modes of transportation. Like an electric car, bike (yes, go biking), go by foot or use public transport. Try it. Other possibilities are to go carpooling. You’ll notice it’s not so hard to travel green. And you’ll be not polluting the environment as much anymore. Sustainable living tips

Sustainable living tips #2: Leave the plane

I don’t think we need to have this discussion anymore. Everyone by now knows the plane is highly polluting. Do you really need to use the plane? First try to look for alternatives, like the train or bus. And just choose holiday destinations closer by home. There is so much to discover nearby home.

Sustainable living tips #3.Use green energy

We all need energy. We want to use a fridge, need to charge our appliances, need light, etc. By using green energy, our energy consumption doesn’t pollute the environment more than necessary. So choose a green energy supplier today!!

And quit using gas. Gas is a non-renewable resource, and gas appliances can easily be changed for electric appliances, that of course use green energy.

Sustainable living tips #4. Eat sustainable

You’ll be surprised how much are consumption pattern affects the environment and our climate. Consume more sustainably. How?

  • Eat less meat
  • Eat less fish
  • Eat less lactose, like cheese, butter and cream
  • Eat local produce
  • Eat seasonal produce
  • Don’t buy products in plastic, to reduce your plastic consumption
  • Recycle and reuse as much as possible.

Sustainable living tips #5. Buy sustainably with TreeClicks

The natural purification of air is extremely important for balancing CO2. Planting new trees is very important. Many people want to live sustainably and are aware of the ecological footprint that all production processes leave behind. Buying less stuff is a good option. But of course, not everyone will stop shopping. It even is not necessary. Sometimes you can check out refurbished products though. But do you want to help create a healthier environment while shopping online?

More than 10.000 stores are affiliated with TreeClicks. Install the free TreeClicks plug-in and help to plant more trees while you shop. With your help, TreeClicks receives advertising costs and almost the entire revenue is used to plant new trees. The earth desperately needs new trees. They filter all harmful CO2 gases from the air. The goal is to find a good balance again between emissions and carbon dioxide uptake. We know we need to do something. Save the world and plant more trees. Because more trees, means a cleaner future!

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Apply these 5 sustainable living tips in your life! So go and safe our planet!